Holiday Gift

It is the season to give. Whether you celebrate Yule, or Hanukkah, or Christmas, this time of year is when people are grateful for family and friends. Grateful for the ability to give gifts to others, and to celebrate the holidays with those that they love.

Most of my family and friends are far away, and I spent the holidays working on my computer, buying a few things, paying a few needed bills, and offering specials which gave me the resources I needed. So though I am at home with my two kitties, instead of with family or friends, I am grateful for what I have.

As many of you know, the end of 2015, and most of 2016 has been an incredibly difficult struggle for me. I ended up breaking up with the man I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with. I lost a business that he and I (mainly me) worked on and invested a great deal of money into over a 2 year time period.

I ended up almost dying and in the hospital for 13 days. I ended up almost homeless, and had to sell so many things to cut down on storage costs and pay bills. The car had the brakes go out, and even while I still had a driver around, I had to start using what there is here for public transit, which is not much.

I said goodbye to a man who is like a brother to me, as he went back to Oklahoma and I started my new business and rebuilt my life, alone with just my two fur babies in a tiny apartment, with one storage unit instead of two now. I figured out a way to deal with the car, and it will be put on a mechanic’s lean by a friend of my sister in spirit, Cat so she can get it eventually in her name and worked on so she and my Goddess Son Aiben have a working car.

I went through so much, but I learned, and I grew, both professionally and personally. I have worked with an awesome coach Matt Roe for the past few months, and over time, I have thought through everything and revamped business plans to finally figure out what works and what does not for me.

I stepped out of my comfort zone time and time again and in that process, I lost a great deal of weight, improved my health, and found myself again. The person I had lost for a few years there is back and stronger than ever before.

I am grateful.

To show my gratitude I am offering a couple of gifts, no optin needed just click on the links and download them.

First my first ever product my book Out of the Rut. I plan on taking it down off of Amazon, since I have no access to that account set up by my ex, and revamping it a bit and doing a 2nd edition that will be the first book in my non fiction series Mindset Matters.


Second, a PLR report (Private Label Rights) that you can just enjoy for yourself, or if you want, you can modify and use to create your own product to sell. The rights are included in the zip file


Enjoy them and enjoy your holiday, whatever you celebrate with love and gratitude.



Meet Shawn

I have many friends who are #winningwomen. One of these friends is Tiffany Lambert who has been rocking it in the PLR (Private Label Rights) world for several years now. She also writes fiction, and coaches, all while being a single mom raising 3 amazing kids to adulthood.

One of those children is an adult, and the other one is on the brink of becoming one. Meet Shawn, a boy who has been working hard in high school and has a dream. He wants to become a marine biologist and learn more about the wonderful world of creatures that live under our oceans and seas.

We need more young, intelligent people in this field as well. There are so many challenges ahead in making sure our seas stay healthy and in cases where they are not, they find a way to bring back health to them.

This is a subject that is near and dear to my heart, since my late father was a diver, and I remember hearing about his dive trips all over the world, from the Red Sea, to Fiji, to closer at home in the Caribbean. I think my favorite story was him hanging out diving along side a giant sea turtle just enjoying watching him in his natural habitat.

To accomplish this goal, he needs to go away to college and has picked a good program right off the Gulf of Mexico in his home state of Texas. It will be expensive to go there and he wants to help pay his way. So he took a page out of his mother’s book, and wrote some PLR articles in a subject he loves and is passionate about. Like most teen boys he loves gaming.

His mom helped with the setup for the launch, but Shawn did the heavy work of writing the articles and 100% of the profits are going straight to his college fund. The articles are well written, and this is a booming field for everything from articles to books. Gaming is a multi million dollar business. Look at all the hype and money that happened recently with Pokemon Go.

The front end offer is 20 articles that cover reviews on a wide variety of popular games, and he even includes a free article you can download on the sales page. The one time offer is 35 more articles done by his mother, and I am a member of her lifetime membership to her PLR store, and can attest her writing is great, and she always does top notch research.

In fact, when I am thinking about writing a product, I always go check out her store first, because I know if it is a hot topic, she is bound to have some PLR on it.  I hope to see more PLR and other products written by Shawn as he follows his dream of becoming a marine biologist.

If you would like more information just click on the link and it will take you to the sales page.

1 day ONLY Special

I need to pay the internet, and a couple other bills and I am kind of short this month so I am offering a very deep discount on my large package if you order TODAY. This is an already discounted package as it is, since normal rate is 5 cents per word.

Content you have to have it, to run your business. Not only that, but you need content on a regular basis to make your business grow.

  • You need it for blog posts
  • You need it for product creation
  • You need it for social media sites.

Maybe you are not a writer, maybe you have so much on your plate that you do not have time to write, maybe you just want to outsource it so you can focus on your best talents to make you money, whatever the reason, there is a solution.

Hire me to write your content for you. I am a very experienced writer in a wide variety of types of writing, including product creation, blog posts, PLR, and fiction. I am a native English speaker from the US, and I have a college education which covers a diverse number of subjects. I only take on a few clients per month so I can really focus on providing the best work, while building up my own business.

This means there are limited slots and when they are gone, they are gone.

What are the benefits of hiring me to do your content?

  • Save your valuable time for other parts of your business
  • Know that your work will be done by someone who knows how to write
  • Save your creative energy for other projects
  • Limited clients means I can focus more on YOUR work.

You can find writing samples here

10 500 word articles or up to 10 page product for 147.00 (Limit 2 max) (Normally 250.00) is my large package price normally.

But if you order TODAY you will not pay 147, you will only pay


Birthday Special

Birthday Special <3
In addition to writing, I also do editing services. I am willing to read, and give you a critique of your writing.  I will make a short video, letting you know about spelling and grammar mistakes, ideas that will make your writing flow better, and any other pointers that I think will help polish your prose. This way, you can then either correct the errors yourself, or hire an editor to correct them for you.

Why do a critique instead of going straight for editing?

You can shortcut the editing process a great deal, by doing a critique first. Then you know ahead of time where the problem areas are, and save time and money if you hire an editor. If you do it yourself, you definitely save a lot of time and money over hiring an editor and are more likely to be successful.

A critique goes beyond proofreading, to help you see both the strengths and weaknesses in your writing, so you have a better handle on how to improve.

So if you would like a critique from someone who is both a writer and an editor, and help make your writing shine.  Contact me at or on FB at


Special Rates for my Birthday Are:

$25 For 1000 words.
$50 for 2500 words.
$150 For up to 25 pages
$300 For 100+ pages.

Flat $200 For anything less than 100 but more than 30