What Does Not Kill You

There is a saying that goes “What does not kill you makes you stronger.” There is a fair bit of truth there but on the other hand, sometimes it seems like how much stronger can one person be? One of the things I would love to have a way to order is 6 months of boring living. Just be able to relax and kick back without challenges to fight.

To catch up a bit in the past few months since the last blog post. I had surgery in November on my gallbladder.  December infection at the site plus a new bout of Cellulitis and ulcers on my left leg. Developed tendinitis in my left arm, then in my right arm even worse after trying to shovel the snow for my walk.  Lose my wallet on my birthday and then the next day found out I had to find a new home for my kitties in a month. Things getting more and more hectic in my home environment. No luck finding transport from IL to PA where I had found a home for my kitties.

January came and I had a great time for a weekend and then bam sick in bed for 3 solid weeks. Lose my kitties because I could not find transport. At the end of the month though I met the Rheumatologist finally. Naproxen is good stuff and is helping me a lot with the arthritis so some good news YAY. February came and went with more medical and the news that I need to find a new place to live. So behind on client work and feeling horrible because I just can’t write and can’t research because my brain is just too fried and my body feels like it had died.

March is now here, I am recovering from a bout of pneumonia and got a bit of reprieve on the April 1st deadline, but I do need to move ASAP. My therapist, my doctor and staff at my clinic,  my case manager and her team, my friends, and family all agree that my home situation has a lot to do with my downward spiral in both physical and mental health.  This means I have to move ASAP and the sooner the better. I am in an abusive situation, not physical abuse, but constant emotional abuse. I always try to look at the positive but there is just not much positive in this place. I need peace and quiet and less anxiety so I can write my way out of poverty.

Moving is a lot though. Physically it is a lot of work, and financially it is far more than I can manage out of my month to month income. I can’t drive so it is not just a matter of packing my car and driving to the new place at least once or twice until everything is moved over. I will have to pay for someone to move my stuff. The good news is I mostly have boxes and not a lot of furniture and it will be a local move, so that will cut costs.

So I have filled out a bunch of application with one of the navigators as they are called who works with my case manager and should find out soon the results.  Even if I do not have to leave here on April 1st, I definitely have to leave as soon as I can. Even if it is to a less chaotic room for rent situation it would be better than here. Dealing with tech issues as well which is rather frustrating and one of the reasons its been so long since I posted a blog post. I am setting up a fundraiser too on GoFundMe because the financial needs are way beyond me at this point. I know I will survive this like I have survived so much more, but I will admit I am tired, so very tired.

I am also looking at adding some extremely limited PLR articles on the website, so in prep for that, I added Woocommerce to this site for now, since it may be a while before I set up my PLR store. I lost my domain because I did not have money at the time it came up due which sucks I really liked niftyplr for my store. I will probably figure out a new one at some point but in the mean time I will use what I have. If you have any ideas of an article you would like written, feel free to contact me with your ideas.

Again, what does not kill you makes you stronger, and I am not dead yet lol.