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This is another won­der­ful quote that addresses adver­sity.  When you go through rough times it is very easy to get upset about what you are going through, and to feel like it is wrong and unfair.  By approach­ing adver­sity in this man­ner, you are short­chang­ing your­self.  Instead like this quote see the strug­gles in your life as chal­lenges to over­come and learn from, and as a way to grow.


I am sure you have met peo­ple who seem to coast through life with very lit­tle strug­gle or prob­lems.  They just seem to live in a bub­ble pro­tected from the tri­als most peo­ple face from time to time.  You might even find your­self feel­ing envi­ous of them when things are really rough.


Instead of feel­ing envi­ous of them, real­ize that because you have gone through times of adver­sity that you are a per­son of more char­ac­ter and depth.  When you strug­gle and over­come obsta­cles in life, you learn lessons which make you stronger.  You grow closer to the per­son you can be instead of remain­ing stagnant.


Every expe­ri­ence you have, good or bad, is a les­son to be learned.  Every tri­umph or tragedy you go through, is a chance to grow and improve your­self.  Every suc­cess or fail­ure you achieve, is an oppor­tu­nity to build depth in your char­ac­ter as a person.


Life is a bal­ance and has ups and downs.  The more you expe­ri­ence, the more you can expe­ri­ence.  Embrace your times of strug­gle like you do your times of joy.  Pay atten­tion to what they have to teach you.  Over time, you will be far more enlight­ened because of your times of trou­ble than because of your times of bliss.


When you think about it from this per­spec­tive, there is not much to be envi­ous of those peo­ple who live in their lit­tle bub­bles with few prob­lems.  Instead, they should be more envi­ous of you.


I am no stranger to strug­gles and chal­lenges.  I have been through many over the years, and am still going through some at this time.  I have shared some of my times of adver­sity already, and as we walk this jour­ney together, I will share even more.  I hope by shar­ing this jour­ney with me, you will find what you need to over­come the adver­sity in your life and reach for your successes.


(PS an update on my cur­rent struggle)

I have reached my goal of 370 to pay half the rent, and I appre­ci­ate all the help peo­ple have given me.  I am still work­ing on sort­ing out the stuff with my bank, and it will prob­a­bly be another month before I am com­pletely back on my feet again.  If I have pro­vided you with value, and you wish to donate some­thing to help me keep going, I have a dona­tion but­ton here


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