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As many of my friends on Facebook know, I have been having serious issues with this site lately. I think I have talked more with Brian my hosting guy in the past few weeks than in a year previous lol. The pressure was on because I am starting a new phase in my business. I will still do some ghostwiting on a very limited basis, but I am now going to grow an email list and start doing product launches.

The best way to scale up from ghostwriting for clients is creating PLR products. PLR stands for Private Label Rights, and basically it means I will create a base product which I sell to a number of customers. It is perfectly usable as is, but smart customers will tweak it a bit to make it fit more with their specific business and customers, and to make it a bit more unique and reflect their own voice. Think of it is having a product that is basically about 80 to 90% finished, and you just need to add some touches to make it yours.

The benefit to customers is it is a LOT cheaper than hiring a ghostwriter to create a product from scratch, yet saves you almost as much time as if you hired one. Also if you feel your writing skills are not strong, or English is not your native language, PLR products can really help.

The benefit to me is I write the product once, and sell it multiple times which means I can scale up and move beyond money for hours. Since I am still healing from my time with the black mold, being able to not have to spend as much time at the computer and trying to meet deadlines for clients is helpful for me, With PLR I can schedule my time even more effectively. It is still a lot of work, especially putting together launches, but it is well worth the change in direction.

First up will be my PLR launch of Ghostwriter Profits, a long report which will cover how even if you are a newbie, you can earn money online in 7 different ways as a ghostwriter or content writer. The upsell to this front end offer, will be a set of PLR that goes broader and discusses a variety of services you can offer clients to make money. I am really excited about this project both in terms of the change in direction, and the content itself.

And though I have spent seven years in the online world, with some serious ups and downs, I know I will make it this time and get back to where I am living comfortablly and able to pay all my bills again. For most of you already know I lost the previous business when I split with my ex Michael (Thorsett) Caricofe, and had to start all over again.

Health because a serious issue for a while due to spending 18 months in an apt with severe black mold. Thanks to friends who helped along the way, I was moved first to Illinois where I stayed with Kim and where my kitties are still being well taken care of, until we can be reunited.  I went straight that night into the ER and stayed in the hospital for a few days on oxygen and IV antibiotics for the cellulitis infection that was not healing in Tennessee.

Then after a couple of weeks in IL, I went to Hamburg, NY where I stayed with a long time friend from my old chat days in Yahoo and her family. I lucked out finding an awesome medical clinic and primary care doctor right off the bat. There was a LONG way to go to healing though.

Then I moved to Buffalo into this room for rent situation, which is only temporary, until I build things up enough to afford my own apt and be able to bring my kitties, and my stuff in storage in Tennessee, up here with me. I am so looking forward to that time. The cellulitis is healed, but still have to watch for new bouts while being treated by a vascular surgeon to see what can be done for my legs. I am in regular counseling with a therapist and she is amazing.

My lungs are better, but not fully healed and my doc may have me do a new sleep study and look at getting a bipap or cpap machine to replace the old bipap machine that was ruined by the mold. Chronic pain is still a serious issue and my doc is referring me to a rheumatologist to deal with the feet, and the arthritis in the ankles, knees, and hips. I am also looking seriously at following the bariatric surgery diet for some time and researching doing the surgery to help get the weight off my joints, feet, and back.

I am so thankful for all the wonderful family and friends and adopted family that have helped me and continue to help me in so many ways. I love you and appreciate you all, more than I could ever say, even if I am a writer lol. Know you all have a very special place in my heart and know if you need me I will be there for you. I am thankful to God and Goddess, for all they have done for me as well as my very weary, I am sure, guardian angel.

Keep a lookout for more information about my upcoming launch and other things I will be doing in my business and life.

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