Back to the Central Valley



After the situation with the teaching credential, my room mate at the time and I moved back to Modesto, near my hometown of Oakdale, CA. The rent was cheaper, even though public transit was not as good as in San Jose.

Things were tight and many things fell through, leading my old room mate to decide to move back in with his mom in FL. I had been looking for part time work to supplement and help pay the bills including working as an aide with children with special needs, and clerical work. I found over and over that the employers were requiring a driver’s license and a car with current insurance just to work with kids in a classroom or to sit in an office and work. Of course this was not going to work for me since I am 70% blind and unable to drive.

So as my old room mate moved back to Florida, I was looking seriously at ending up homeless and owing my landlord a ton of backrent. I ended up getting a new room mate just before that happened. At this point, I had started looking online for ways to own my own business and make money, I knew it would be more of a challenge than just working a part time job, but at least I would have no commute and the issue of not being able to drive would not be an issue. I also knew from my mom’s experience with her small consulting business, that it was easier to coordinate with SSI as well. And if I became profitable enough, I could finally get off the system.

That was the start of the journey that I am on now which has led to some wonderful things, including meeting the man of my dreams.

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