Birthday Special

Birthday Special <3
In addition to writing, I also do editing services. I am willing to read, and give you a critique of your writing.  I will make a short video, letting you know about spelling and grammar mistakes, ideas that will make your writing flow better, and any other pointers that I think will help polish your prose. This way, you can then either correct the errors yourself, or hire an editor to correct them for you.

Why do a critique instead of going straight for editing?

You can shortcut the editing process a great deal, by doing a critique first. Then you know ahead of time where the problem areas are, and save time and money if you hire an editor. If you do it yourself, you definitely save a lot of time and money over hiring an editor and are more likely to be successful.

A critique goes beyond proofreading, to help you see both the strengths and weaknesses in your writing, so you have a better handle on how to improve.

So if you would like a critique from someone who is both a writer and an editor, and help make your writing shine.  Contact me at or on FB at


Special Rates for my Birthday Are:

$25 For 1000 words.
$50 for 2500 words.
$150 For up to 25 pages
$300 For 100+ pages.

Flat $200 For anything less than 100 but more than 30





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