What do you see when you look at this pic­ture?  Is it hope­less­ness like the cap­tion indi­cates?  Or is there hope? Is the cup half empty or is it half full?


When I look at this pic­ture I actu­ally see hope.  The plas­tic box the kitty is in actu­ally dis­places enough water to keep the kitty afloat.  Which means the cat can stay out of the water long enough to reach dry land.


Part of mind­set and per­sonal devel­op­ment is learn­ing to change your think­ing about things.  When you focus on the pos­i­tive, even if its just a small bit of pos­i­tive, things will change in your life.  It is not an overnight process, but it DOES work.


Some­times it is really hard to think pos­i­tive because life seems so bleak.  I too have had those times, and right now is one of them where it seems like I have to really work hard to find the pos­i­tive.  Decem­ber has been a very rough month for me for many years now.


Where there is life, how­ever, there IS hope.  For exam­ple with the bank mess up, hav­ing to scrape money just to pay my half of the rent, and try­ing to build up a new busi­ness, I could look at the cup as half empty.  This would lead to worry and despair and paralysis.


Instead  I am look­ing at the cup as half full and TAKING ACTION to change things in my life.  As I do this I will share my jour­ney with you and help teach you how, even in the hard­est of times, you can change your think­ing.  Chang­ing your think­ing is only part of the pic­ture though.  You also need to take action based on that change in pat­tern of thinking.


So what actions am I tak­ing?  First I am ask­ing oth­ers for help to learn my karmic les­son at this time.  I am learn­ing that being strong is not just about help­ing oth­ers, but it is about know­ing when to ask for help FROM oth­ers.  Learn­ing how to get some bal­ance in your life.


Since ask­ing for help, I have scraped together 330 of the 370 I need for my half of the rent.  My room mate is cov­er­ing the other half of the rent and the util­ity pay­ments I have set up.  I am tak­ing up the two con­tent chal­lenges which you will see here, on Face­book and Twit­ter, and on YouTube.  I am also get­ting small jobs, and putting together prod­ucts to sell.  I will be doing webi­nars (both free and paid), and finally I am focus­ing on the half full cup and how to fill it even more.

It is not easy shar­ing all of this with you, but I believe in being real, and if even one per­son can learn from what I share it is all worth it to me.  My chal­lenge to you is look at your life and fig­ure out ways to look at the cup as half full.  Feel free to com­ment below :)




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