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From first grade on, I was in Girl Scouts. It is a won­der­ful orga­ni­za­tion which gave me a great deal of skills and expe­ri­ence. I was a bit of an over­achiever in it and earned most of the awards possible.

When I went for my First Class Award, they were tran­si­tion­ing into a new pro­gram so I earned both the old and the new pro­gram which included the Sil­ver and Gold Awards. These awards were much more com­pli­cated than just earn­ing a sin­gle badge or chal­lenge. The Gold Award is very much the equiv­a­lent of earn­ing the Eagle Scout Award in Boy Scouts.

I also was the youngest ever in my area to earn the Green Angel Pin for out­stand­ing troop lead­ers. As part of earn­ing my Gold Award, I was a troop leader for a Brownie troop (grades 1 to 3). I always had assis­tant lead­ers who were over the age of 18, since I was still a minor, but I ran the troop.

Even now as an adult. I still try to live my life very much by the Girl Scout Law as it was when I was in Girl Scouts. Changes have hap­pened since then, but I still believe that Girl Scouts is a won­der­ful orga­ni­za­tion for teach­ing skills and pro­vid­ing expe­ri­ences that are both fun and edu­ca­tional. Skills you can use your whole lifetime.

If you would like more infor­ma­tion about Girl Scouts in the US, check out their main web­site at

There are also Girl Scouts and Girl Guides in many other coun­tries around the world.

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