So much has hap­pened since my last post.  I am learn­ing a LOT to help me with this new jour­ney.  About two months ago, I hit rock bot­tom.  My old room mate was leav­ing to go back to Florida, I owed a ton of back rent, and I was look­ing at becom­ing home­less.  I am not shar­ing that with you for you to feel sorry for me, but to let you know no mat­ter how bad it gets, there is a way out.  There is a way to move for­ward and upward.

I started look­ing online for ways to make money so I could pay the bills, and achieve my goal of leav­ing the dis­abil­ity check behind for­ever.  Since the door for being an ele­men­tary school teacher with an edu­ca­tional con­sult­ing biz on the side was shut, I needed a new door.  I found a new room mate who is totally AWESOME :)   He sup­ports my endeav­ors com­pletely.  First I hooked up with a team that works with a com­pany that makes non toxic alter­na­tives for every­day prod­ucts.  Then I con­nected up with my edu­ca­tion blog.  And finally, I con­nected up with some really great peo­ple who have been help­ing me with learn­ing more about inter­net mar­ket­ing. More about them to come :)

Even if you are just learn­ing about some­thing, you still have more than you real­ize.  Always look for ways to trans­fer your pre­vi­ous skills and expe­ri­ences, and your prior knowl­edge and edu­ca­tion to your new field.  There are always con­nec­tions to be made.  Foe exam­ple, one of the new things in mar­ket­ing both offline and online is rela­tion­ship build­ing.  So my being a major social but­ter­fly actu­ally is an asset lol.  So as you learn about your new field, use what you already know and find ways to con­nect them together.  It will speed up your learn­ing curve.

I would love to hear about your jour­ney as well feel free to com­ment or con­nect with me so we can share our jour­neys together.


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