Merry Beltaine

You may or may not be familiar with the old celebration of Beltaine (Still practiced by many). If you have heard of May Day or the Maypole, that is but a small remnant of the original. May 1st was a celebration of fertility where the Goddess (played by three women as maiden, mother, and crone would bless the seeds as they were planted in the ground, herds of cattle were led through to represent the fertility of animals.  Then a huge bonfire was lit and people danced and drank around it. After that, they would slip away in pairs and celebrate human fertility under the stars.

It was also about renewal of life just like Samhain was the end of life cycle (November 1).  The veil between the worlds on that day is thin and all kinds of things may happen. November 1 is also known as All Saints Day or All Hallows Day and of course this is where we get the word for Halloween.

So even if you do not celebrate Beltaine, in honor of it, I am running a 3 day special. My prices on several of my packages will be going up along with my ala carte rate for ghostwriting. So now is the time to catch me before the rates go up in 3 days. It seems somehow fitting to renew my prices at a time of renewal of life.

Content you have to have it, to run your business. Not only that, but you need content on a regular basis to make your business grow.

  • You need it for blog posts
  • You need it for product creation
  • You need it for social media sites.

Maybe you are not a writer, maybe you have so much on your plate that you do not have time to write, maybe you just want to outsource it so you can focus on your best talents to make you money, whatever the reason, there is a solution.

Hire me to write your content for you. I am a very experienced writer in a wide variety of types of writing, including product creation, blog posts, PLR, and fiction. I am a native English speaker from the US, and I have a college education which covers a diverse number of subjects. I only take on a few clients per month so I can really focus on providing the best work, while building up my own business.

This means there are limited slots and when they are gone, they are gone.

What are the benefits of hiring me to do your content?

  • Save your valuable time for other parts of your business
  • Know that your work will be done by someone who knows how to write
  • Save your creative energy for other projects
  • Limited clients means I can focus more on YOUR work.

You can find writing samples here

Ala Carte Ghostwriting rate   30 dollars a page.

Ala Carte Editing rate  10 dollars a page.

(up to 25 pages after that, it is 40 dollars a page)


Cheatsheets Normally 60 dollars, special rate for 3 days 40 dollars (value 90)

5, 500 word articles OR a 5 page report going up to 110 in 3 days, now 97 (value 150 dollars )

10, 500 word articles OR a 10 page report going up to 197 in 3 days now 147 (value 300 dollars )


20 to 25 page ebook 200 dollars up front and 200 at time of delivery for a totall of 400 dollars. (Value 600 to 750 dollars).

200 dollars more at delivery

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