There are times in your life when you are dri­ving along the path and you run into a dead end.  This has hap­pened to me so many times.  When you reach that dead end, there are two ways you can deal with it.  One is to com­plain about the dead end and get into a neg­a­tive loop of think­ing you will never suc­ceed because life is against you.  This leads to being stuck in a rut just spin­ning your wheels and get­ting nowhere.

Another approach is to learn from the dead end, and to shift gears.  Back up to the main path and find another path to take.  By using this approach, you keep mov­ing for­ward, and you keep in the run­ning so to speak.  It seems so sim­ple, but it can be very dif­fi­cult to do.  Change is not some­thing most peo­ple feel com­fort­able doing.  Ruts are com­fort­able, even if they are neg­a­tive ones.

I have had so many dead ends in my life that some­times I feel like I am con­stantly rein­vent­ing myself.  I shared some of them in my pre­vi­ous post.  Now once again I have set on a new path, but this time you will be able to fol­low along with me on this journey.


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