Romancing the Radio




I had several ups and downs in looking at setting up my own business online. There were scams of course that I got burnt by, as well as wonderful and genuine people who helped me along the way. I even found love which was something I had pretty much given up on entirely ever having again.


Two groups which really helped me learn a lot were Family Networker and Talk Marketing Now. FN provided me with connections and a great deal of knowledge about marketing and how to brand myself. Their classes helped me tremendously with how list building works and why it is so important. They taught me how to make connections with people, and to brand myself. And they introduced me to TMN a small online radio station where I met the love of my life.

In addition to meeting and getting to know Michael Thorsett, George gave me my own show, and several of the other show hosts there had a great deal of confidence in me even though I felt I was the “new girl”. I learned that you can move forward with something even if you feel like you still have a lot more to learn. Being from an educational background, teaching is easy for me. So I built on that strength. Because of my background, being a leader is also very natural to me. Again another strength I could add to my foundation.

In getting to know Michael through TMN, it became very obvious we had similar business interests and goals. We also had a strong love of writing and teaching. Both of us were strong in the area of mindset and personal development. Some of our skills overlapped, and some skills were different. Which led to discussions of joint ventures and even a business partnership in many talks on Skype. Along with that, romance bloomed. A few months later he told me of his feelings and we got together in November, 2011. Then in March 2012 he moved in with me and we have been living together ever since. Now we are engaged to be married and moving on with our business together.


Update: This was how I felt at that time. I still feel this way about most of the people I met at that time, who to this day keep supporting me and helping me with rebuilding my life and building my new business. However Michael and I are no longer together. More about this later. 

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