Short Report Special 1 Day Only

I am offering for one day only and only up to 4 clients my 5 page short report (or 5 about 500 word articles) which is normally 97.00, for 50.00.

I can’t do this for long or for many customers, so that is why both a time and number limit. These spots will fill up fast, so get in now while you can.

Remember only 4 customers will get this almost 50% discount, and only if they order in the next 24 hours. Time is ticking.

You can find writing samples here

Recent Testimonials 

I recently placed an order with Rachael, and was very happy with the end result. She was very easy to communicate with.


Sue Fleckenstein



I used Rachael’s writing services for 2 reports. The writing was well-researched, decent and delivered in a timely manner.


~ Arun Chandran


50.00 Buy here : 



Then go here and fill out this form or contact me about the details of your order


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