Technical Difficulties

Things have slowed down due to a number of technical difficulties between my email (, my ISP through the wifi connection here at the house which the landlord provides as part of the rent we pay for the rooms we rent, and my domain name It is slow going fixing all of these technical issues because the work arounds I had been using are not working like they used to, and I am the most technologically inept person out there. As Bones might say to Captain Kirk, I am a writer Jim, not a software engineer.

Still there is some positive news. I have learned about a free tool I can use to do screen share videos with PC machines instead of Apple ones, which will be useful indeed. It seems like I may have fixed the issue with my email forwarding over to Google like it used to do, but still have to give it a bit more time to be positive.

What does all this crazy techy stuff mean? It means doing anything like  launches and building an email list is not something I can work on at the moment until I am sure all of these have been ironed out. It would be nice if I had inherited some of my dad’s genes for learning all technical magic by osmosis along with speaking 10 different computer languages like he could, but it is what it is. So it will take me a lot more work and frustration to make it happen, but it will happen again even if I do not have a tech guru at my fingertips.

So for now it is writing PLR and putting up buy buttons. My ultimate goal is to replace the old niftyplr store with some new jazzy domain name and a permanent store, but in the meantime I have set up woocommerce on my  main domain, You can check it out anytime for new things. If you have a cool topic you would like to see written about, feel free to contact me on Facebook or Messenger.

A quick recap of what PLR is for those not familiar with it.  Basically, I write the content in digital form such as articles, short and longer reports, and ebooks, just ONCE, then I sell the rights to use said content to multiple customers who then can use it as they need for their business or to sell to their customers for personal use only. This is far more scalable than ghostwriting because I can write it, add the buy button and then move on to write other things. I can postpone writing if I am having health issues instead of worrying about meeting deadlines for clients. And I can use it down the road to build a self sustaining business model via an email list where I sell not only my own products, but for an affiliate commission the products of others.  The time for money is just not a feasible business model for me at this time with so many other issues going on. It is still a great way to make money, and many people can make it their entire business model, so I definitely recommend it.

However with juggling doctor appointments, Physical and Occupational Therapy, and working on regaining my health at least to a certain level it is just not feasible for me to do both ghostwriting for clients and trying to build my own business in PLR. I had to choose.



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