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Worry is a major stum­bling blocks to suc­cess for many peo­ple.  It is very easy to fall into a pat­tern of feel­ing anx­ious about things, and as this pic­ture points out it drains you of the energy you need to deal with what is wor­ry­ing you.  If you get too stressed, you can actu­ally make your­self unable to do anything.


When you have some­thing that is both­er­ing you, write it down on a list.  Then look at your list of wor­ries and ask your­self these three questions:


  • Is it some­thing I can do some­thing about RIGHT NOW?
  • Is it some­thing I can do some­thing about but not RIGHT NOW?
  • Is it some­thing I can’t do some­thing about?


Based on your answer to these ques­tions, you will cat­e­go­rize the worry into one of three cat­e­gories.   Then you will take action based on that cat­e­gory.  By doing this, you can over­come worry and make it less of an issue in your life.


If it is some­thing you can do some­thing about right now, then just do it.  By tak­ing imme­di­ate action, and get­ing it dealt with right away, you end any need for wor­ry­ing about it.


If it is some­thing you can do some­thing about, but not right now, then sched­ule it.  For exam­ple if you need to set up a pay­ment arrange­ment with the elec­tric com­pany, but it is Sat­ur­day and they are not open.  Then set up a sched­uled time on your cal­en­dar for say 10 AM Mon­day morn­ing I will call the elec­tric com­pany.  Then its set so no need to worry about it further.


Finally the hard­est cat­e­gory of all, if it is some­thing you can’t do some­thing about.  This sit­u­a­tion is very tricky, because you are wor­ry­ing about some­thing you have no con­trol over.  In this case, you need to trash the worry.  There are sev­eral ways you can do this, but you need to dis­card it.


You might write it down on a piece of paper and wad it up and throw it in a trash can.  You might write it in a notepad file and trash it elec­tron­i­cally.  You might just do this visu­ally by imag­in­ing your worry going into the trash.  How­ever you do it, make sure you really dis­card this worry so that it is no longer drain­ing you and keep­ing you from your success.


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